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Stay Safe Online 

Protect yourself and remain vigilant against trading scams 

What is a scam? 

Online trading scams involve deceptive practices where individuals are enticed to invest in fraudulent or non-existent financial opportunities. These schemes often promise attractive returns or minimal risk, persuading victims to part with their money. However, investors later discover their funds have been misused, and the promised returns fail to materialise. 

To safeguard against these risks, it’s essential for investors to conduct thorough research, scrutinise investment offers, and remain vigilant for warning signs of fraudulent activity. 

How a typical scam works 

Scammers create fake social media profiles posing as successful traders.

They falsely claim affiliation with regulated firms for credibility.

Victims are approached for trading opportunities or engage with the fraudster.

Scammers request payment into unaffiliated accounts, falsely ensuring safety.

They promise doubled investments within days and demand further payments or threaten total loss. 

Learn How to Spot and Avoid Scams 

Yourself from Clone Investment Firms 

Safeguarding Your
Online Identity 

Creating Strong

Taurex’s commitment to maintaining
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Choosing Regulated Firms for Financial Security

When engaging in trading activities involving financial instruments, it’s crucial to select a firm authorised by regulatory bodies to safeguard your interests and provide access to relevant protections. 

Taurex, as a regulated firm, provides the necessary safeguards to protect your investments and interests. 


At Taurex, we prioritise the protection of your data and accounts through advanced technology and practices. This includes regular independent penetration testing, data encryption during transmission, stringent authentication measures, adherence to GDPR standards, employee training on data privacy, and thorough third-party risk assessments to maintain robust security standards. 

Social Media
Security Protocols

Our employees strictly adhere to guidelines designed to protect you, ensuring that they never offer access to products or services through social media channels, attempt to arrange payments via social media, or share account updates or balances through personal texts or direct messages on social media platforms.


Exercise caution and remain vigilant when encountering individuals who make enticing promises of quick wealth through engaging in online trading within financial markets. 

Red Flags

Stay alert to warning signs such as unsolicited offers of high returns, requests for personal financial details, or suspicious communication tactics, such as urgent demands or inconsistencies in information provided. 

Take Immediate Action

Report the incident to local authorities, providing bank account details, transfer dates and amounts, and communication specifics. Save screenshots, as scammers quickly remove evidence. 

Beware of Clone Websites 

There is a clone website posing as Taurex, called taurexweb.com.   Despite its appearance, this website is not affiliated with Taurex. It's important not to visit this website or disclose any personal information to it. 

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